Bonjour Viet Nam

Un jour, j’irai là bas, un jour dire bonjour à ton âme.
Un jour, j’irai là bas [pour] te dire bonjour, Vietnam. 

 Bonjour Viet Nam by Marc Lavoine, a famous French composer and singer, has been making waves in Vietnamese communities all over the world since it was posted on the Internet in January. The song likely owes a lot of its success to Pham Quynh Anh, the singer, a young Belgian woman who knows Viet Nam only through her parents’ stories

Marc LavoinePham Quynh


Raconte moi ce nom étrange et difficile à prononcer
Que je porte depuis que je suis née.

by remora                                                     

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Hiroyuki Takashima – 75 Years of Music

Hiroyuki Takashima was the most influential man in the Japanese music industry during the 20th and 21st century. At 75 years of age his musical career spans over 50 of those years and he was responsible for The Beatles success in Japan


But a song landed on Takashima’s desk at the end of 1962 that would change music forever. The song was “Love Me Do” by The Beatles….


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by Arthur and Pip

All-Japan Astronomy Character Symposium

More than ten cartoon-characters from planetariums and science museums in Japan, like the superhero – Shigosenger Red and Blue – and the villain – Dr. Black Star – from Akashi Municipal Planetarium gathered. Kiku Hachizo delegated JAXA.


The characters jointly issued a statement declaring that they will do their bests toward popularization of astronomy (parody of the famous poem by Kenji Miyazawa).

not losing to the sweat
not losing to the wind
not losing to the snow or to the heat of the summer
with a strong body

unfettered by desire
never losing temper
cultivating a quiet joy

one bottle of water to drink
and some shade to rest
are all that we want

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by Arthur and remora

Star Spangled Banner played on the dan-bau

The bomb from Vietnam, Wobbly World’s Nhut Bui plays the Star Spangled Banner on the dan-bau, a one-stringed Vietnamese instrument.

by Arthur and Arf

Teriyaki Girls

Teriyaki Girls, a web comic written by Seiryoin Ryusui and illustrated by Kai Chamberlain. Teriyaki Girls is updated with a new comic every Monday and Friday.

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by Punjapit


Spank-tastic ambiguous nymphs butter the muffin


Pilcher keeps an eye on censorship and how it effects artistic expression. A great example: because Japanese sex laws prohibited the display of adult genitals, artists began drawing their characters as seemingly younger and Lolita porn (or LoliCon) was born. But as Moore says in the foreword, pornography can work as a “safety-valve” to relieve the taboo tension of a society without anyone getting hurt. A slippery wicket to be sure, old boy.

The genetic mutation that ruins orange-coloured fish sex lives


Researchers from University of Konstanz, Germany and the University of Tokyo have found a genetic mutation that gives medaka fish its grey colour, rendering them less attractive to the colourful members of the opposite sex.

The Japanese Killifish is commonly found in Southeast Asia in wide range of colours like brown, orange and grey.

The research team led by Shoji Fukamachi studied the effects of alterations in a colour-determining gene on mating preferences of the fish.