Bird Brain…. Art Critic

Is art criticism so easy that a pigeon can do it?

Here’s what happened. Shigeru Watanabe (a psychologist at Keio University in Tokyo and possibly a man in league with the birds) set up a nefarious experiment. Watanabe showed children’s paintings to pigeons; a panel of adults had deemed each work either good or bad. He trained the pigeons to distinguish between them with a system of tasty rewards. When the pigeons pecked correctly, he gave them some seed. Later, he presented 10 paintings to the birds they had never seen. Five of these paintings had been deemed good by humans, five bad. The pigeons recognized the good paintings as “good” twice as often as they recognized the “bad” paintings. In short, they came off as pretty good critics. There are those (names withheld) writing for major publications who might do markedly less well. Given these results, Watanabe claims, “pigeons are capable of learning the concept of a stimulus class that humans name ‘good’ pictures.”

As if criticism weren’t in enough trouble already. Everyday, less people pay attention to what the critics have to say about anything. In response, the critics spend ever more time trying to justify their craft. And then the pigeons come along, peck once, and have done with it. The situation is particularly dire for those who continue to insist that criticism is essentially about separating good art from bad art, about upholding the judgments of good taste. The art critic at The Guardian, Jonathan Jones, recently summed up this position rather nicely. “A critic,” he wrote, “is basically an arrogant bastard who says ‘this is good, this is bad’ without necessarily being able to explain why.”

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Vintage Chinese Watches – #2

pity they don’t have any accompanying provenance…

by remora

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Cos-Cosplay…. Super heros style


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Fish ‘Moustache’ May Be Used for Fish Oral Sex

remora, that mustache of yours……mmmm, now we know.

Why does the male Mexican molly fish have an ‘extravagant moustache-like structure’ on its top lip? German and American scientists may have discovered the answer: Because female fish dig it. For oral sex.

The molly is a freshwater fish found in Mexico. Some of the male members of the species have growths above their mouths that vaguely resemble mustaches, if you’re into anthropomorphizing fish. No one has ever been able to figure out why the fish have ‘staches. Were they growing them “ironically”? Trying to look older? Just big Tom Selleck fans?

Well, we might finally know the reason, thanks to German biologist Ingo Schlupp and his research team:

[Scientists] caught from the wild a selection of male and female Mexican mollies, measuring the length of the moustache on those males found to be growing one.

The research team then conducted a series of experiments, placing male and female fish into tanks, and measuring how long females spent in the company of males sporting moustaches of various lengths, or none at all.

They also measured how female fish responded to videos of different males.

The results were clear: on experiments involving over 100 fish, females consistently preferred males with moustaches.

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Blatter by marc merriman


From the offices of Blatter
can be heard a lot of chatter
about the offside law
and size of women’s shorts.

With regard to Blatter
there are those who like to flatter;
those who’ve taken their eye
firmly off the ball.

It’s incredible that Blatter
has said it doesn’t matter
when games are ruined
every single week.

In his office getting fatter
is our good old friend Sepp Blatter
whilst fans are fuming
up and down the land.

I’d like to get hold of Blatter
have a chat, y’know a natter
about why his head
is buried in the sand.

Just picture President Blatter
as he tucks into his platter
telling journos that the
door is firmly closed.

And why this old man Blatter
compared to Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter
says no to goal line technology
no one knows.

© mark merriman september 2004

Gutted & fuming.

by The Punjapit Collective

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Ryoko Hirosue parcours en France

1996 – jeunesse, fraîcheur, grâce et diable enjôle au rendez-vous…

peu courant et recherché…

by remora

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Alone in a Crowd – Rolf Sachs

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Tipping in China

As time flies into the 21st century, tipping is no longer illegal in China as it was in the 1980s. Tipping for tour guides and drivers in recognition of their good service has become a common practice. Hotel bellboys and housekeepers expect your tips as well. However, it is not customary to leave tips at hotels or local restaurants, because the bill usually includes 10-15% service charge.

If you don’t know what the proper amount for tipping is, the following standard is for your reference:

If you are traveling in a small party of about 2 to 5 members, We suggest approximately US $8 to US $10 /per guest per day as tips for tour guide and US $4-6 for the driver and about US $2-3 for hotel bellboys as a gratitude for their service.

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South African orphan swaps Manchester United shirt for Spurs one during Dawson visit



Michael Dawson turned up to meet Aubrey, the 12-year-old South African orphan he sponsors, only to find him wearing a red Manchester United shirt with ‘Rooney No 10’ on the back.

‘I was hoping he might have a Dawson shirt,’ said the Tottenham and England defender. ‘But you just can’t sway some people, can you? It was great to meet him for the first time. He looks like he’s a really talented young footballer.’

by the ‘Punjapit Collective’

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Introducing the Bijin Tokei Hot Girls Clock

Arthur, what’s the time again….

Attention all lovers of fine and sexy Asian women. Do you ever wish you could share every moment of your day with an oriental beauty? Then look no further because today I introduce to you the Hot Girls Clock, better known in Japan as the Bijin Tokei.

Bijin Tokei 203 Introducing the Bijin Tokei Hot Girls Clock picture

Bijin Tokei is a Japanese/English website that features a luscious beauty holding up a sign with the current time of day plastered on it. The picture alternates every single minute, although the specific beauty or model tends to remain the same for anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes.

Bijin Tokei 221 Introducing the Bijin Tokei Hot Girls Clock picture

Since its launch in December 2009, Bijin Tokei has amassed over 2.5 billion page views, making it what JapanTrends refers to as a “big success.”

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