Only in Japan: World’s most (only?) fuel efficient Shelby Cobra

Shelby Cobra. A mere mention of the car is enough to send enthusiasts’ hearts aflutter and cause the minds of those lucky enough to have piloted such a beast to reel with fast-paced memories. Unless, of course, you are talking about the untold gallons of fuel the (up to) 7.0-liter V8 engines of these venomous snakes guzzle.

But does it have to be that way? Is is possible to have your cake and eat it too? Well, that depends on what exactly you are looking to recreate. If you’re feeling a real need for speed and nothing but a fire-breathing monster will do, we have bad news for you. But, if you just want to look like you’re piloting a vintage race car, you may be in luck.

In standard form (which isn’t very cheap at over $40,000 U.S. or £27,724), the so-called Baby Cobra from Japan is powered by a tiny 660cc engine (yes, that’s less than a tenth of the size of the original 427 cubic incher with fewer than half as many cylinders) yanked from a Suzuki Cappuccino microcar.

A hefty options list can reportedly drive that price much higher into the stratosphere, but something tells us even the turbocharged, 720cc mill with 158 horsepower will still post significantly improved fuel efficiency over its forebear. Yes, it’s completely ridiculous… and yes, we’re completely smitten with it.

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Smoking in China

China is the world’s largest tobacco producer and tobacco consumer. It is home to one quarter of the world’s smokers and they consume a third of the world’s cigarettes.

In China there are 350 million smokers, about three times the number of smokers in the United States, or more than the entire population of the United States. Chinese smokers smoke an average of 15.8 cigarettes a day, which works out to more than 2 trillion cigarettes a year. Smoking kills 1.2 million Chinese a year. Even so 50 percent of Chinese doctors smoke.

Smoking is very much part of Chinese culture. Many Chinese like to smoke not only after a meal but during a meal. Expensive cigarette brands like Panda and Zhonghua are commonly given as presents to bosses and parents and are offered as a welcoming gesture to house guests. Some brands link themselves to good causes. A message on packs of Zhongnanhai brand cigarettes reads: “For each pack you consume, you are devoting your part to the charity Hope Project.”

On a per capita basis smoking is lower than other places in teh developed world. Per capita cigarette consumption in China is 1,791 cigarette per year, compared to 2,350 in the United States, 2770 in Japan, and 2,058 in France. Average cigarette consumption per person per year in China rose from 739 in 1970 to 1,290 in 1980 to 1,900 in 1990.

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Man pretends to be a bride to con men for money

 Chinese man has been arrested for pretending to be a woman to marry men for their money.Wang Mou, 18, allegedly married three men and fled with the engagement money. Wang, who is very slim and softly spoken, reportedly admitted: “A lot of people mistake me for a woman on first sight.”

His first ‘marriage’ happened in February when a woman promised to find him a job but instead sold him as a wife.

‘She cheated me but I found a chance to escape then realised I could use the same shortcut to make some money,’ he said, according to the police.

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Derniers jours de l’Exposition “Des photographes, des Japons”


Il ne vous reste que jusqu’au dimanche 23 mai pour aller voir l’exposition “Des photographes, des Japons”, présentée à l‘Institut français de Tokyo.

L’exposition, organisée par la journaliste et curatrice Christine Cibert, présente le regard de 10 photographes français ayant élu le Japon comme terre d’adoption.

Parmi eux, Emmanuel Guillaud offre un point de vue sur le Tokyo sous-terrain avec “Into the dark”, tandis que Benoit Dupuis fait part de ses déambulations dans le quartier de Sumida-ku.–7694.asp?1=1

by remora & robin

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Japanese wins pizza contest — in Italy

Organizers say the winner of the international competition in Naples, Italy, for making the best Neapolitan pizza was won by a man from — Japan.

Akinari Makishima, 33, who works in Nagoya at an Italian restaurant, became the first Japanese to win the contest, which has been held for the last nine years, the Kyodo News reported Sunday.

Makishima underwent some additional training at pizza-making on the outskirts of Naples before entering a field of 150 competitors from countries including Spain, France, the United States and, of course (home field advantage) Italy.

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Karl Lagerfeld Cleans Up … Creepily

 karl lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld recently shot a campaign for a French mail-order catalog called Les 3 Suisses. We’re not sure what a black washing machine doing a load of Karl’s own head (we think?) has to do with anything … but it sure is freaking us out.…-creepily/

by A+E

These Are “Sandals”?

U.K. shoe retailer Office wants to sell you these shin-tastic sandals. Guaranteed to give you a really weird reverse tan.

by A+E

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Shopping for love in Vietnam’s mountains

Once a year, with his wife’s blessing, Lau Minh Pao gets to have a guilt-free tryst with his ex.

Their rendezvous’ have played out more like strolls down memory lane than salacious flings, but they are part of a treasured tradition in this mountainous corner of northern Vietnam that may challenge some more linear concepts of love.

“In the past, we were lovers, but we couldn’t get married because we were far apart,” Pao simply as he waited for his date on a dark night in the village of Khau Vai in Ha Giang province.

Now when they meet, he said, “we pour our hearts out about the time when we were in love.”

They are not alone.

For two days each year, on the 26th and 27th of the third month of the lunar calendar, the tiny village of Khau Vai, strung along a saddle in the lush hills near China, is transformed into a “love market.”

Proud Parents

“Japanese Pianist She is 8 years old. It is our dream that I get people in the world to listen to a performance of a daughter” – Proud Parents

there are serious difficulties in playing this piece – most Chopin requires some form of advanced keyboard technique…In 5-10 years I hope she achieves what Cho Sung-jin did.

by Elizabeth

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Port-O-Pong Inflatable Beer Pong Table

Just what the ‘Collective’ for Friday night……

The Port-O-Pong makes playing beer pong possible no matter where you are. Simply blow up your new inflatable beer pong table and you’re off to the races. With the Port-O-Pong, you can play beer pong in the pool or set it on a small table. If there’s nothing to rest it on, use the four pieces of rope to hang it from the ceiling, a tent, or even a couple trees. The tough construction means your rowdy friends won’t ruin your portable beer pong table. But, if for some reason the Port-O-Pong suffers a small puncture, two repair patches are included with your beer pong table for repairs.

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