Korean Booth Babes Booted For Being Too Revealing

Indecent? Or simply decent? According to website MMO News, two booth companions were asked to leave South Korean game show G-Star for their revealing costumes. This apparently is a first for the G-Star event.

read more  http://kotaku.com/5414871/korean-booth-babes-booted-for-being-too-revealing

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Origami Sculptures

A Frenchman has set new standards in the art of origami. Eric Josiel, who began to develop his skills when he lost his job as a printing company manager during the last recession, spends up to two weeks to create each figure and his work can sell for as much as €5,000 (£4,400).

Mr Josiel, 52, from Sannois, northern Paris, claims not to be appreciated at home. “I sell most of my pieces in Japan and America because Europeans see origami as being for children, but what I do is much more advanced.”

Full Article http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/visual_arts/article6936969.ece

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Vodka earns career-defining

With shortening strides in deep stretch on Sunday at Tokyo Racecourse, reigning Japanese Horse of the Year Vodka charged toward an elusive victory in the $6,160,024 Japan Cup (Jpn-G1), the country’s signature race.

The five-year-old Tanino Gimlet mare surged to a commanding lead in deep stretch and appeared destined to nail down a career-defining win, but such victories rarely are that easy, especially in a race that was a few hundred meters longer than Vodka’s best distance.


Promise of Marriage for Sex No Longer Illegal

The Constitutional Court ruled Thursday that a law that penalizes men for luring women into having sex with them under the “false” promise of marriage was unconstitutional.

The ruling overturns the court’s previous decision to support the law in 2002.

As a result, males standing accused in pending cases will see their charges dropped, while those who were convicted will have their punishments dropped if they request a review.

Until the ruling, a man convicted on charges of violating what many critics call an outdated law would have faced a prison term of up to two years or a five million won ($4,300) fine.

“The Constitution guarantees people’s right to pursue happiness. Sexual freedom is part of that. So this law goes against that spirit,” said Lee Kang-kook, the chief justice of the nine-member court.


Run away to Hue

far from the maddening crowd…


pack your ear plugs,cycle clips,night mask,mozzie net,box brownie,butterfly net,pith helmet,baedeker,snorkel,flippers and goggles and… just run away forever

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Tears of Hiroshima – Akira Isogawa Internship

My collection is called ‘Tears of Hiroshima’ and it features a lot of folding and unfolding, and crumpled designs to emphasize the destruction,” says Peggy. “Origami and paper cranes also feature in the collection, most prominently in a paper skirt. These represent hope and peace after suffering.”

“There is a specific building in Tokyo by an architect called Toyo Ito which I love,” says Brad. “It is called the Tod’s Building. I tried to incorporate the same kinds of shapes and lines into my collection as in that building. Triangles and textured lines are heavily used, as are beads, fabric manipulation and really high shoulders.”

via  http://southern-courier.whereilive.com.au/lifestyle/story/fashion-grads-compete-for-akira-internship/

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Japanese Massaged Dried Persimmon: Hoshigaki

Hoshigaki are persimmons that are peeled and dried whole over a period of several weeks through a combination of hanging and delicate hand-massaging, until the sugars contained in the fruit form a delicate surface with a dusting that looks like frost. Unlike sliced dried fruit, which tend to be brittle and leathery, hoshigaki are succulently tender and moist, with concentrated persimmon flavor.

The hoshi gaki method is traditional to Japan, and came to America with Japanese American farmers.  Because they are so labor-intensive, hoshi gaki all but disappeared from commercial production.

via  http://www.slowfoodusa.org/index.php/programs/ark_product_detail/japanese_massaged_dried_persimmon_hoshigaki/

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Spurs edging ahead of Villa and City in top-four race

Spurs scored nine last week against Wigan, and naturally the expectations grew that Harry Redknapp would finally guide the club to the Promised Land of the Champions League on the back of a flood of goals.

And while a 1-1 draw at Villa did not match the euphoria of the previous week, one goal wasn’t too bad in the context of “nose bleed” time, when all the clubs chasing a top-four spot suffer from the pressure of trading positions with the traditional big four.

via  http://soccernet.espn.go.com/feature?id=705329&sec=england&cc=3436

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Arden and Elizabeth


just us and the kids  – Vigoro and Manzoku………

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Ivan Drago -The Siberian Bull

Quote: if he’s dead – he’s dead

 the Punjapits…that one is for you robyn

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