Osan unit goes bowling with Orphanage Children

“On April 17, my unit – Detachment 2 of the 18th Intelligence Squadron – hosted children from the Chamsarang Orphanage for a visit to the Osan bowling alley. The children were excited from the moment we arrived. Even with the language barrier, they were anticipating a good time. We even had two Korean Linguists from the 303rd IS help us out with communications.”


Mahatma Gandi once said, “You!, you must be the change you want to see in the world.” I believe by making a positive impact on the lives of these children, in the future when they are adults, they will show kindness and charity to others as well. I know I speak for everyone in my unit when I say one can take a lot from these visits with the children. I personally take away a sense of selflessness. All they want is an afternoon of fun … what we get lasts a lifetime.

via:  http://www.pacafpixels.com/2010/04/osan-unit-goes-bowling-with-local.html

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remora 5 – Vampyroteuthis

a special defence…

into the blackness

by remora

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2010 All Japan Judo Championships

The All-Japan Judo Championships is an open-weight tournament held every year on April 29th at the storied Nippon Budokan. For Japanese Judoka, this is one of the three major judo titles, along with the Olympic Games and World Championships. Some past All Japan tournament winners include Naoya Ogawa and Satoshi Ishii who have went on to careers in mixed-martial-arts.

This years winner was the worlds #9 (+100kg) Kazuhiko Takahashi who scored a judges decision over world #13 (+100kg) Hiroki Tachiyama in the finals winning his first ever national title. 


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In Japan, ask for whiskey

Sushi and sake go together like beer and pretzels. And the pairing has a certain appeal: When sitting at the sushi bar, drink like the Japanese, right?

Well, no, says Yuri Kato, beverage consultant and editor of Cocktailtimes.com.

“Everyone in the U.S. thinks sake is the best drink to be paired with sushi, but in Japan it is whiskey,” Kato says.

And not just whiskey, but Japanese whiskey (like Scotch but less peaty) and water on ice – called mizuwari (“mizu” meaning “water,” and “wari” meaning “to cut”). A simple enough drink, but its straightforward ingredients belie the care with which it’s made. Japanese bartenders lavish the precise care upon it that one would dedicate to the perfect martini, Kato says.


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This Vodka Will Leave A Mark On Your Knees

In case you thought this was a joke, for a limited time return an empty case Flirt Vodka (a Bulgarian brand) to your local Flirt-carrying liquor store and get a free pair of knee pads. Klassy!


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Why Do People Who Work In Fashion Have Such Weird Hair?

now come to think of it, Elizabeth why do you have weird hair…..

Fashion writer Lynn Yaeger‘s super short bob with bangs is simply one part of her one-of-a-kind signature look

The people who work in fashion—from editors and designers to stylists and models—have a way of putting themselves together that doesn’t work for most of us mere mortals. And it’s not just their clothes that blow our minds; it’s their hair, too. Since these people are the style makers who decide what we wear, are we supposed to follow suit? Because we’re not sure we want to.


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Naoto Hattori – Artist

Naoto Hattori was born in Yokohama, Japan and was graduated from Tokyo Designer’s College in 1996. Soon he moved to New York to study illustration, and in 2000 received my BFA degree from The School of Visual Arts. While attending school, Naoto was selected to be in an exhibition of The Society of Illustrator’s annual scholarship competition, The Art Director’s Club in NYC, The 1st National CSF Award etc….  Currently, he is doing a group show every 2 months at the Subculture Gallery in NYC.Naoto specializes in super-realistic painting as a portrait, landscape and real life objects.

                                                                             Elizabeth the Wasp Queen 

He realized that if he uses a photograph or sees a real object he can paint exactly the same image, but that was just skill art and never satisfied his artistic needs, so he started painting images from scratch.  He designs characters and landscapes, sometimes he even changes the lighting and shadows or an anatomical state.  Mr. Hattori realized that he doesn’t like super-
realistic styles so he paints things not too photorealistic or resembling computer art.

by Arthur

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Inspiring Hair Art That’ll Pull You Out Of Your Ponytail Rut

I’ve been in a hair rut lately, mostly pulling it back into an unattractive ponytail, but artist Maria Gil Ulldemolins’ Hair Portraits are inspiring me to experiment with some new styles. Each of the black and white drawings shows the back of a woman’s head, her hair styled in a chic, effortless way (and Maria wrote a story about the ladies whose hair she drew, ex: Jo “liked being rained on when she was bathing in the sea, and she liked apples in autumn, with cinnamon”). The Hair Portraits make trying cute new ‘dos look easy, and I might have to buy one and hang it beside my bathroom mirror for inspiration in the morning. Click through to see two more of Maria’s portraits, including one that explains how you can stylishly wear the huge hair clip for giants!


by A+E

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Lets Talk Gardening

Well, maybe its best to start at the beginning…


Invasive Plants for instance…


by Arthur


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remora 4

Rise la foulée de la mer sur le rivage,
Never Surrender qui aurais-je peur
La douleur est l’éternité de puissance est peut- 
la remora bientôt lieu la terre est le prix
Tous les dieux sont envier mes compétences affaiblir ma force
Descendez dans les cryptes anciennes dans l’oubli..

via:  Japan Foundation Worldwide

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