Women’s Football Set For Professional Change

swapping shirts at the end of the match would be er…… interesting.

Women’s football is on the verge of becoming professional after 90 years on the sidelines, with preparations under way for the launch of a Ladies’ Premier League.


The Football Association’s new Super League will see top-tier club players being paid for the first time.

Liverpool Ladies FC is one of England’s top sides but players can currently only expect a maximum performance tip of just £30 per win.


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happy 250th Katsushika Hokusai

Contrary to expectations for a halloween logo, today Google Japan is quietly celebrating the 250th birthday of acclaimed ukiyo-e painter Katsushika Hokusai.

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Adult Chocolate Milk


After a long, hard day of watching your little hellion, relax with your own glass of cold chocolate milk. Made with a top secret vodka-filled recipe, Adult Chocolate Milk is 40-proof dairy goodness that we imagine The Dude would approve of. Other alcohol-spiked classics from the same company are coming soon — Adult Orange Cream, Adult Fruit Punch, and Adult Limeade.

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Hanebrink All-Terrain Bike

While many of its specs make it a perfect fit for urban life, make no mistake: the Hanebrink All-Terrain Bike is meant for the wilderness. A hybrid traditional/electric mountain bike, the Hanebrink features a carbon fiber seatpost and handle bars, Shimano cranks, chains, and deraileur, hydraulic disc brakes, Hanebrink hubs and wheels with 20×8 inch tubeless tires, and a run time of up to one hour with a single Lithium-Ion battery — or over five hours with added batteries on the rear rack — either of which powers a 600 Watt electric motor and gets you up to 20 mph; for faster travelling, or if you run out of juice, just pedal.

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Man Has $6,500 Love Doll ‘Reincarnated’

Let’s pretend, for a second, you’re a lonesome guy who has bad luck with women. You buy an upscale silicone love doll and grow attached to “her”; but, after a decade of lovin’, she starts to fall apart.

What’s a man to do?

If you’re 37-year-old Michigan telemarketer Dave Cat, you have the $6,500 rubber lady “reincarnated.” Which is to say, you commission an exact replica of her to be stripped, molded and painted. And you bring her back from the freakin’ dead.

Dave considers himself a “doll husband” and hasn’t dated a flesh-and-blood woman since he bought his Real Doll — a synthetic female with a skeletal frame, joints, and rubber sex organs — in July 2000.

So imagine his sense of horror when, a few months ago, he noticed an 8-inch tear in her lower back, where her plastic hips connect to a spine. “She was literally bed-ridden,” he tells Asylum. “I couldn’t take her downstairs, and the sex was very limited.”

Worried, he called Real Doll founder Matt McMullen, who is the mad scientist of the sex-doll industry. “He asked us to save her,'” McMullen says. “To me it was really touching.”

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Pride Teamwork and Camaraderie

something the Japan X-Pat Blogging Community should take on board.

thanks to Pacaf Pixels and The Alliance




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Get Back – Go Home

get back to where you once belongedGo Home!

…you’re mommy’s waiting for you – go home.

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Henry and Mao discuss Football

Arthur: not a bad pub is it son?

remora:..look brother..  I have a plane to catch..do you mind!

Henry: I have been an avid (mad) soccer/fussbal fan ever since my youth in Fuerth, a soccer-mad city of southern Germany, which for some inexplicable reason won three championships in a three-year period. My father despaired of a son who preferred to stand for two hours (there were very few seats) watching a soccer game rather than sit in the comfort at the opera or be protected from the elements in a museum.

Soccer evokes extraordinary passions, especially during the quadrennial World Cup competition ending today in Mexico City. It has been estimated that the Brazilian gross national product suffers a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars for every day Brazil plays, as rabid fans sit before television sets or radios. Statistics in other soccer citadels must be comparable.


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The German Pilot who saved Beer – Gunther Blaffert

A MUSEUM has opened in Beer, a small Devon village, to commemorate how it avoided being destroyed in 1944 when a German pilot guided his burning plane away from it, parachuting to safety only at the last moment.

It was an act not only of courage and compassion but of a moral judgement formed in the least likely circumstances.

The pilot, Gunther Blaffert, was on a mission to bomb factories near Bristol and obviously decided that the destruction of a small village and the death of its inhabitants was not a price worth paying, even though that decision put his own life at risk.

What that same pilot must have thought of the carpet bombing of Dresden can only be imagined but his actions on that night in 1944 prove that individuals can rise above the prevailing moral climate. Somehow, despite being surrounded by Nazism from his teens, Gunther Blaffert grew into a good man.


by Arthur Furrowfield….and remora

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Vanguard Singapore – Blog

well bikes….

the Punjapit Alliance love’s bikes….





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